Puesto 5 - Eggsquisito


  • Egg Specialties
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Omelets and estrellados are the specialties at this stall (whose name gives away its key ingredient). At EGGsquisito, you can try three succulent varieties of freshly-made Spanish omelet: the classic type, but by no means the least tasty, made with potato and eggs; a sweeter one that is made with a special formula, using a bit of onion in the slow-frying phrase; and lastly, a third choice with peppers and chistorra (a type of chorizo), ideal for more-adventurous customers who want to try out some intense Spanish flavours.

The estrellados option (which doesn’t contain potatoes and is named after the Spanish word for ‘smashed’ because the eggs are thrown amongst the rest of the ingredients in the frying pan without beating them first) is equally passionate in its taste. They also have a pepper and chistorra option, but they add another choice with top-class Iberian ham (from the Joselito brand) and a very original third choice with pil-pil prawns. (All the recipes offer, of course, the option to take away).

There are a few confessable secrets from Ambrosía’s stall Nº5, explaining how they make such simple but unbeatable dishes. The quality of the ingredients; the use of the mandoline slicer to cut equal-sized potatoes; the olive oil’s optimum temperature, the knowledge of the perfect cooking time for eggs (which is an art in itself); the right amount of salt; and other small details. But, above all, their best quality is the care they take with each order. The result is, without doubt, “eggsquisite”.