Puesto 14 - Estrella Galicia Bodega


  • Beer & Other Drinks
  • (+34) 685 201 206

Beer lovers can find stall number fourteen´s Estrella Galicia to be a sensorial journey where they can discover an authentic product in the market´s very own brewery. The exceptionally fresh beer allows one to appreciate its fine qualities and as a result, is constantly in high demand from Spaniards and foreigners alike. Estrella maintains the appropriate and professional levels of carbon for the cellars where they are fermented. As a result, visitors are able to visit Ambrosía and indulge in a fresh and natural brew that does not exude any feelings of satiation.

These beers (that don´t contain any preservatives, colorants and have not been pasteurized) are loaded into refrigerated tanks and transported directly to the market, thus maintaining their coldness. It is exactly because of this that Estrella Galicia is such a profound success, as it is served directly from the factory, immediately into the customer´s glass. Pints of beer are served cold, but not ice cold, upholding the appropriate temperature of around 4 degrees centigrade, not to mention the all popular beer on tap, yet another element the brewery yields.

Despite the fact that the beer cellar is what makes Ambrosía so unique with its brews, this stall also offers other renowned national and imported beers such as: 1906 Reserva Especial, 1906 Red Vintage and 1906 Black Coupage (national) and; Miller and Grolsch (international) to name but a few. Additionally, for anyone that is not a huge fan of beer, stall number 14 provides a plethora of many other refreshing drinks and iced water as another option.