Puesto 10 - The Wine Gallery


  • Wine & Champagne
  • (+34) 602 698 417

All the possible varieties that grape wines can give are available in this enological corner. The Wine Gallery is a small area of impressive knowledge inside the Ambrosía Gourmet market, Marbella. The big signature names of Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, Sangría, Vermout, Brandy, Fine, Chamomile, Amontillado, white, red, rosé or sweet wine all await the wine lovers in a climatized wine cellar, that adhere to the best conservation conditions for each one. Additionally, thanks to their sophisticated system of puncturing corks with precision, you can drink practically all of the options by glass or if you desire with the option of buying a bottle. Of course, each one of the demands is undertaken by the vinotheque in the way of corresponding glasses; afterwards the visitor is free to move around the market to take the flavor and aroma of the chosen broth to any of the other stalls, and accompany their choice of drink with other food.

The kind owners of the vinotheque demonstrate and share an enormous knowledge of the complex world of wine. Without a doubt it is a place of reference in Marbella in the hour of advice to any aspect related to this field: from correct (and surprising) food and wine pairings, to aspects of conservation and handling of the products; from information about certificate of origin, to correct choices of wine that if you want to invest in them, can be reevaluated as if they were pieces of art.