Puesto 12 - Gin Bar Schweppes


  • Cocktails & Other Drinks
  • (+34) 653 212 460

Ambrosía would be incomplete without its cocktail bar. The art of cocktail making and mixing alcohols and in some cases non-alcoholic drinks was one of the first activities practiced in the world of gourmet. The bar is situated in the upstairs part of the market where you will find a wide variety of unique, classic and exotic cocktails, to name but a few: the vesper, the renowned vodka martini (James bond´s drink of choice from the movies), the glamorous Manhattan and the unusual yet delicious, pink gin and tonic. However, without a doubt, the best thing is the Tiki glasses where they serve these delicious masterpieces.

The art of making cocktails does not only depend on the barman but also on the creative director who comes up with new ideas for the menu and has a good knowledge of what taste will satisfy the customers, fortunately, Ambrosía is not missing one of these intellects. The markets very own cocktail bar is fully equipped with a team of artists who don’t only take taste into account but also; the time of year, your nationality and the time of day. The ambience is a lot more pleasant because it´s at the top of the market, there is a specific area provided for cocktail lovers (which opens up more in the late evening), as well as providing exhibitions, courses and tastings of this exquisite field of work.