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  • Ham/Sausages/Cheese
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It’s not easy to stand out in the Spanish ham and cold meats sector, since it is the nation’s main product and the competition is so tough. So receiving the title, “The Best Ham in the World”, is an immensely valuable quality. We are talking about Joselito, a well-known Iberian firm that resonates around the world, and has already become a model example in this sector.

Working in the commercial industry with the whole range of high-quality products from Joselito, including the renowned Jamón Joselito Gran Reserva, is a true honor for Ambrosía stall number 6, IBERI&CO. On display they offer customers other tasty specialties like chorizo, salchichón and lomo de bellota… but a variety of cold meats from Iberian pork stand out for their uniqueness: la coppa Joselito, made only of fine pieces of Iberian pork de bellota, sea salt, pepper and garlic, following a traditional Italian recipe but using Joselito Iberian pork.

But IBERI&CO is also an international stall where a variety of more than 30 specially selected cheese labels are already available, winning many prestigious awards. To add to the taste, some of these recommend adding jam and marmalade of many surprising flavors like fruits and vegetables (also available to purchase). Of course, all Iberian products and cheeses are enhanced with good wine. The staff will be able to recommend the appropriate mixture in every case.