Puesto 2 -  In Pasta


  • Italian Cuisine
  • (+34) 634 326 120

IN PASTA defends the excellence of Italian pasta. It is nothing like the typical restaurants that make this type of product which, in many cases, lose the real taste of its delicious traditional cuisine. This is a project with a very strong motivation: “to share the authentic taste of Italian pasta”. They produce both fresh pasta and dry semolina, with original sauce recipes from their homeland: pesto genovese, ragú bolognese, amatriciana, setas porcini…seasoning the plates with freshly cut, aromatic basil or intense flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano (suited to the customer’s taste).

What guarantees perfection at Ambrosía’s Italian stall is the technique they use to boil the pasta. They have an amazing steam technology that measures the exact time it takes to make each recipe. This modern process allows them to produce each dish identically, just as it respects the purity of the natural products they use.

When you visit stall No.2 at Ambrosía Gourmet Market Marbella and order one of their specialities, you will fully appreciate the value of these raw materials, bringing the essence of bella italia to the market. The owners highlight, “La nostra cucina é l´espressione de la nostra passione per la vita,” (Our cooking is an expression of our passion for life). Every dish made by IN PASTA is coated with this passionate philosophy.