Puesto11 - Isan Thai Sushi


  • Thai/Sushi
  • (+34) 653 212 460

Isan or stall number 11 of Ambrosía is the only place that you can find the best of the Asian cuisine. Two gastronomic aspects work in this small paradise of exotic flavors. On the one hand, the most authentic and refreshing Sushi, and on the other hand the flavorful and spicy dishes of Thai food. A sufficiently varied menu that represents both traditions is what visitors can expect to find. Stay at the bar whilst watching the head chef´s commands, or, enjoy a visual and olfactory spectacle (that precedes the delicious tasting) thus, transporting anyone that chooses it, to the Far East.

The chefs at Isan can give expert advice and information on the two types of culinary dishes in significant detail. Mostly, what features are their spicy curries (like in most Thai specialties) and other dishes that contain raw produce (very commonly found in Sushi). Furthermore, if the guest does not know what to choose, Isan provides photos to accompany each dish in order to ensure an easier decision. The regular flavors in particular are not lacking in any way, shape or form and bring more and more enthusiasts to the stall every time. Coco, coriander, noodles, soya, peanuts, curries… and the magic touch of Thai basil will all be present in the palate of the Thai cuisine and for their lovers worldwide; seaweed, surimi, tobiko, avocado, sesame, fresh salmon… also make a substantial impression on the Japanese fans!