Puesto 1 - La Deliciosa Gourmet Croquetas


  • Croquettes
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Croquettes are small culinary delights with a white sauce as its inner base, covered in egg and breadcrumbs on the outside which, when fried, gains a crispy texture. They can then be filled with infinite types of ingredients to vary the flavour. The tastiness of the finished product depends on the skill and imagination of whoever prepares them…and this is what defines the stall: “Delicious Gourmet. Croquettes and more”. At Ambrosía Gourmet Market, the menu offers a dozen different types of fillings, some of which are unusual such as: bull’s tail, foie with caramelized apple and baby cuttlefish in its ink. However, you can also find classic versions such as the timeless Serrano ham croquette (but these ones are made with jamón ibérico de bellota); vegetarian specialties such as olives or pisto (similar to ratatouille), and even special pizza croquettes for children.

These croquettes are prepared by hand in a traditional workshop, on a daily basis, and then sent to the market. They are fried upon order and are marked with a small stick to indicate its flavour. The minimum amount you can order to take away – either cold or cooked – is half a dozen (they are packaged and presented in a very original, rustic style).

If you are looking for traditional, quality croquettes, but would also like to be surprised with unusual flavours, then you can’t miss out on a visit to Ambrosia’s first stall: “Delicious Gourmet. Croquettes and more”.