Puesto 3 - La Lonja


  • Seafood/Fish/Oysters
  • (+34) 685 201 206

Thanks to La Lonja, Ambrosía´s seafood stall, customers are able to appreciate an authentic and sensory experience. There was no better stall to designate this name to, as their products come fresh from the Bay of Cádiz, catching the visitors off guard with their smells and tastes that rocket directly to your taste buds.

Their varied menu, filled with rices, caseroles and fritura malagueña (fried fish) also offers an ample range of seafood and selected products such as: caviar, angulas, oysters, King crab and the finest lobster, all exclusive to Ambrosía. La Lonja also has all of their fine products on display in order to aid the customer´s choice and ultimately, put them in charge. Furthermore, one can enjoy the delicious delicacies in situ but also have the option to take them away.

Contrary to other stalls, their specialty resides in the insertion of organic products and macrobiotics. These elements result to be worthy dishes to land in the best gourmet markets due to their taste and originality. On the other hand, as La Lonja makes certain that a daily menu is available to their customers; the options will vary according to availability so that, as always, the stall can ensure the maximum freshness to the consumer.

The high quality fish is delicate, scarce and expensive in origin; however stall number 3 of Ambrosía´s Gourmet Market, will indeed teach you how to appreciate its tremendous value.