Live Music in March at Ambrosía from 21h00:

03/03 – Tomas Ray (Buble style Night)
The greatest hits of Michael Buble and other classics, will be what makes us enjoy Thursday night!

04/03 – La Habana Vieja (Cuban Music)
Cubans with the finest voices and best songs from Cuba, now sound in Ambrosia!

05/03 – Capitan Wallace (Int. Music 50’s – 80’s)
The most international, most lively and most authentic the group! We will enjoy at rhythm of the 50’s to 80’s!

10/03 – Tomas Ray (Buble style Night)
One charming night ! Dream songs… Tomas’ elegant voice makes the evening a memorable one!

11/03 – Gilly Jackson & Black Coffee (Blues)
The authentic rhythm of Gilly and her boys will be in Ambrosia Friday night to make us dance and enjoy the music!

12/03 – The Colonel (The biggest hits/blues)
On Saturday night we will have the best songs of Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin, Bowie and more! Because remembering is to live again!

17/03 – Tomas Ray (Buble style Night)
One charming night ! Dream songs… Tomas’ elegant voice makes the evening a memorable one!

18/03 – Capitan Wallace (Int. Music 50’s – 80’s)
Enjoy a delicious dinner listening to the pleasant music and then start dancing with the lively pace!

19/03 – Gilly Jackson & Black Coffee (Blues)
Saturday night you have a date with the best music of the moment! If you want to enjoy it come to Ambrosia!

20/03 – Monty (Flamenco – From 14h)
We’re starting early with great music at Ambrosia, Come and enjoy the unique style of Monty. You’ll love it!

22/03 – La Habana Vieja (Cuban Music)
Come and move your hips with the most authentic Cuban music! Ambrosia begins to enjoy Easter already!

23/03 – Mark Connor (Swing & Much More)
A night to enjoy, a voice to remember, come and enjoy Wednesday night at Ambrosia!

24/03 – Eva Piñero (Flamenco)
The flamenco night of the week, the most exquisite voice. You cannot miss the opportunity to listen to this great artist!

25/03 – Gilly Jackson & Black Coffee (Blues)
Begin Friday night with good music, delicious food, amazing cocktails and the best atmosphere!

26/03 – Capitan Wallace (Int. Music 50’s – 80’s)
We know when they start to sing but do not know when we will end. With this group on a Saturday night we never know. We will be waiting for you to enjoy!

31/03 – Mark Connor (Swing & Much More)
We end the last day of the month with the great performance of this magnificent singer! We say bye to the month with a good taste!