– Key Collaborators –

It is an honour for Ambrosía to have two prestigious international firms – Estrella Galicia and Coca-Cola – supporting their gastronomic business project.

The Estrella Galicia brewery offers their type of delicious bodega beer to our market, exclusively in Marbella. As soon as they enter the threshold, customers are greeted by huge copper barrels on the first floor of the market. Beautiful and enticing, these barrels offer a storage system like no other. In every service, in every pint, they provide the authentic flavour of recently-brewed beer, straight from the factory.

Estrella Galicia also supply the market with a wide range of select beer bottles with different flavours and strengths, so even the most demanding customer is bound to find something they like.

Meanwhile, the number one refreshment company in the world, Coca-Cola, supplies the market with its popular range of refreshing drinks.


Bodega Estrella Galicia

Authentic recently-brewed beer straight from the factory