Puesto 7 - Steak Palace


  • Meat & Hamburgers
  • (+34) 636 099 406

The wait is over for steak and meat fanatics, as Ambrosía´s Steak Palace have provided their very own palace where a wide range of high quality meat reigns over all. From certain regions and nationalities, steak is their dominant specialty; additionally, stall number 7 offers a delicious delicatessen to its guests where pork, chicken, lamb and many other fortes (like sausages, taster tapas or various seasoned products) are available, if steak doesn´t suit your fancy. Fortunately, Steak Palace has the option of bringing home their professionally packed products to enjoy in the comfort of your own home again and again. All you have to do is select your chosen piece of meat with the help of highly trained professionals who recommend certain products according to your preferences. Once chosen, the chef will be waiting to cook your elected meat at that exact moment with as much salt and seasoning as desired by the customer.

The range of ´vacuno con hueso´available at the counter is absolutely extraordinary. You can choose cuts of Charolais, Aliste, Frisona, Simmental, and the renowned Aberdeen Black Angus from Uruguay or succulent Galician ox not to mention the delicious Tomahwk chop. The options are overwhelming. The variety of lomo fillet steaks available and Wagyu Kobe Japonese black beef, demonstrate an impressive assortment that the rest of the Costa del Sol will find difficult to beat.

If you´re looking for a succulent gourmet hamburger (made with white beef, duck tenderloin, creole Argentinian beef or rigorously beaten as is the ritual of Halal, amongst many other talents of the palace) Steak Palace is as far as you have to look. All you have to do is choose the size (normally the options are small or normal); and then pick the complimentary garnishes to add, that will without a doubt, make your mouth water.